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Beds and Bucks Walkers

What we’re about

Beds and Bucks Walkers is a Meetup group for friendly walkers. Mags, Sarah and Steve would like to welcome you to walk and talk, come rain or shine, across our varied countryside visiting new routes and old favourites alike. We aim to provide a variety of walks at the weekend with some more challenging than others.

We would ask that you:

  • Are able to walk at a pace of 2.5 to 3 miles per hour

  • Wear sensible walking boots/shoes

  • Wear appropriate clothing for the expected weather conditions

  • Bring enough food for lunch, liquid refreshments and snacks to sustain you

  • Do not bring dogs

  • Arrive in good time at the starting location to register and be ready for the walk

Upon joining BBW you will need to provide a clear and identifiable photo of you and you alone. This enables us to recognise and welcome you.

We accept no liability or responsibility for safety on these walks, each member joins on the understanding they are responsible for their own safety. We are not qualified walk leaders or able to offer first aid support, but have many years walking experience. Walking can carry risks, especially across open fields and uneven terrain. Each walk is undertaken with full acceptance of these conditions.

A charge per walk is made to cover the costs of hosting the Meetup site and other costs such as maps and petrol costs for recces. As this is a non profit group, any remaining funds will be used for social events for the benefit of club members, or supporting local charities.

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